• Nathan Te Whaiti

    Nathan Te Whaiti

  • Tun Win

    Tun Win

  • Jesus Jordan Parra

    Jesus Jordan Parra

    Writer of essays, poetry, stories. Studious of the ancestral Traditions. I am also a student of the etymologies of words.

  • Chad J. Shaffer

    Chad J. Shaffer

    Human antenna interpreting transmissions. I’m just a conduit. Bottom writer sharing his unique perspective of the human experience. chadjshaffer72@gmail.com

  • Debbie Chia

    Debbie Chia

    I like to write lists. A creative chameleon writing about anything around the sun.

  • Dennis Ray

    Dennis Ray

  • Azja Delana

    Azja Delana

    A Finance Enthusiast. Obsessed with Personal Development. Writer in progress. On a beautiful journey of Self Love

  • Alfonso Gomez

    Alfonso Gomez

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